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Real-World Experience

Combining a decade of experience with proven results, and working together with a strong network of gifted colleagues and professionals, John is focused on arming real estate professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve the lifestyle they've always desired!

John has practical, applicable knowledge to share with you and your team. He's not just a coach and mentor — he has actual experience representing clients in the purchase and sell of real property.

By focusing on accountability and fundamentals, his training program has produced numerous highly successful Realtors. Using tried-and-true systems honed over a decade of market ups and downs, John has been able to help new agents and seasoned veterans alike take their business to elite levels.

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3 Paths to Success
3 paths to success

Regardless of where you are in your journey, we've got multiple options to guide and assist you on your personal path to success

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Stay ahead of the curve and learn what tools and workflows you should be utilizing to maximize your success.

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Online Courses
Online Courses

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Whether you're a brand new Realtor, a knowledge-seeker who's been in the business for a few years, or are a seasoned veteran looking for a little tune-up, our courses covers it all.

Courses provided by The Real Estate Well coming soon!

What clients are saying

Courtney Y.

John is an absolutely gifted coach and mentor. He not only focuses on accountability, time blocking and strategy, but he focuses on the whole person. He understands that your mind has to be in it to win it!

His experience is vast and the value he adds to my team is second to none.

I recommend John Darden to everyone not just new agents! His program is amazing! John you are amazing! Thank you!

PS: Check out his Podcast, it's awesome

– Courtney Y.

Lexi N.

John's leadership has brought personal development into a new light for me. It is now something that is even more important in my life. Which I know will be fundamental while building my real estate lifestyle!

– Lexi N.

Emily W.

Coaching with John has allowed me to reach achievements in real estate that I honestly didn't think would happen for a few years in less than year. His level of high accountability and ability to push me to think bigger and beyond my current situation has raised my bar of what I believe I can accomplish. He calls me out, encourages me and makes me dream big!

– Emily W.